Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jamaica - Day Four

I know that you have all been wondering how we spent our days in Jamaica. We started each day by going to breakfast. I usually had an omelet (so good) and some fruit and some yummy bread. It reminded me of zucchini bread but I'm not sure that is what it was. After breakfast we would go down to the beach and find some chairs where we could read. Then it would come to be lunchtime. Back to the dining room for some more yummy food. After lunch we would head to the pool area. More reading and resting and then some swimming in the pool. Mid afternoon we would be ready for a little snack then more swimming or maybe a nap back in the room. After that very busy and tiring day, we would get ready for dinner. We all loved it so much. Robert is already talking about going back for another vacation (if not to live there).

The next day in Jamaica (after zip lining) was spent enjoying the beach and pool. And trying to recover from the day before. That wore me out. And I really loved relaxing and not doing much.

This is the view from my lounge chair at the pool that afternoon. Very nice.
Dinner at the French restaurant on Robert's birthday. This was also the day that the guys haggled for some pretty jewelry for us girls. Notice the necklace and earrings. Pretty!
This was my meal. It was some kind of chicken with vegetables with mashed potatoes under the chicken. It was all so good.
You can't really see Ashley's necklace in this picture but it is really pretty too. The price for my necklace was originally $25 but Robert talked him down to $10.
This was after dinner on the staircase that led up to the French restaurant. Yes, Robert got a little bit of sun that day. Can you tell?

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Amy Voss said...

Lauren you are amazing...watching 5 children AND being able to blog!