Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Wii

For those of you who don't know, we have a Wii game console. It is a lot of fun. We enjoy playing on it occasionally. Recently, Lindsey has been wanting to play constantly. She has the Disney Princess game and loves it. I, however, like it but could do without. In order to start playing the game, you have to design your own princess. You pick out everything for this girl. The dress, the color of the dress, the accent color of the dress, the shoes, the color of the shoes, earrings, bracelet, crown, hair, eyes, etc. You get the point. Well, it takes Lindsey about ten minutes just to do that part and by that time it is time for bath or bed or something else. Anyway, she loves to make her own princess but then needs help to do the rest of the game. So, while it is fun for her, it is work for us because we are the ones who have to figure the game out.

Then we have Wii Fit because what good is a Wii without Wii Fit. It is so much fun but of course I have no time to actually do it. When Robert and Lindsey get it out to "work out" (if you can call it that because it is fun) that is when Reagan needs to eat or needs something else from me. But, although I don't get to play it much, it is a whole lot of fun to watch. Here are some pictures from our Wii experiences...

Lindsey doing Hula-Hoop on Wii Fit during Thanksgiving at Marilyn's house.
Daddy helps Lindsey sometimes on MarioKart. She doesn't always go in the direction of the finish line, which is kinda the point of the game.Reagan "gave" Lindsey the Disney Princess Wii game for Christmas. Look how excited Reagan is - she just can't wait to play the game too.Our college group has had fun playing Wii Fit too. (Notice the tongue sticking out!)Lindsey concentrating hard on choosing the proper attire for her princess. I'm telling you, it's hard work.Reagan and daddy watching Lindsey do Wii Fit.Here she goes on the ski jump.Flying through the air on ski jump. Notice her mouth. Surely that is how you go farther.

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