Friday, January 16, 2009

An All-Reagan Post

Just recently I have realized that I haven't done a great job of taking pictures of Reagan. I know, I know, she's our second child and that happens. But I really did not want that to happen to her. So to try and make up for it we have taken a lot of pictures of her in the past couple of weeks. So here goes....

All clean!
She has no idea what she is in for - first taste of real food!
Daddy was the first to give her rice cereal. Yum! (Notice Robert's mouth - just try and feed a baby without making your mouth do what you want theirs to do!)
Or not!
I guess Lindsey was thinking that she could magically change the food to be ice cream or something that would taste better to Reagan.
Just a cute picture of our little one.
She does love her exersaucer. I have a picture of Lindsey that looks very similar - I'll have to find it.
First taste of oatmeal.
She looks a little happier about this than the rice cereal. Don't you think?

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