Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lots Has Happened!

So did you all ("all" meaning the three or four of you that might be reading this) survive Christmas and New Year's? We had a great and busy couple of days last week. We woke up and had a wonderful, relaxed Christmas morning at our house.

Our girls with their cookies and milk for Santa.
I think Lindsey liked her stocking stuffers!
I know for sure that she liked this present...she has already watched it about four times!
Lindsey liked watching Reagan with her new books.
Daddy finally has new pictures of the girls to take to his work! Yea!

Complete with me receiving the most wonderful surprise I have gotten in a very long time.
My new van!!! I still can't believe Robert did it all (the picking it out, the paperwork, getting it home, putting the bow on it, etc.) without me knowing anything. Here is a picture of it at the dealership the next day. I guess he couldn't do it completely without me. I had to go sign a paper that day. But luckily we took a picture of it there because in all the excitement at home, we failed to take a picture of it in our driveway.

We then had a nice breakfast with my parents. Robert made yummy pancakes and mom brought sausage balls. I just provided the milk and juice. So easy!

Then we all cleaned up and got ready for the day (finally!) We had been invited to the Dickison's house for a late lunch so we went over there around two. The food was great and we loved being able to spend that time with our amazing friends and their family.

From there we went to Lydia and Arthemon's house for dinner with Robert's family followed by more presents. By this time, I (and I'm sure the girls) were all super tired but we kept on going. Lots of fun with more of our wonderful family.

Robert with his new hat. I'm sure there will lots of Boston stuff to come thanks to Manny.
I love this picture of Reagan. She is so excited about her baby wipes! Can't you tell?
I was trying to take a great picture of Lindsey with the tree lights in the background. This is as good as it got.
Reagan has already had fun with this toy. Not so much playing with it but listening to the songs and watching the animals roll around.

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Jenni said...

love the new van!! way to go Robert!!!