Thursday, January 22, 2009

Reagan is Six Months Old

I can't believe that Reagan is already a half a year old. Wow! It is amazing how fast time flies. But then at times (particularly on a bad day) time can drag on forever. As you saw in my last post, Reagan has started her solids. Up until yesterday it was rice cereal and oatmeal. She likes both of those pretty well. She will eat all that we prepare for her. Then came carrots yesterday. She is not a big fan at all. I'll show you the different emotions that we went through at our first tasting...

What a sweet face! Drool and all!
What is that in my bowl?I don't think I like this!The girls playing. Do you think Reagan will always have this good of posture?Here is the first attempt at taking Reagan's six month picture. She was not a happy girl - time to eat and then go to bed.I managed to get a sort-of smile.But I guess I didn't torture her too much last night taking pictures - she looked pretty relaxed when I went to get her this morning.And Lindsey had winter hat day at school today - too bad it felt more like a spring day!

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Lana said...

What a cute picture of Reagan with her hands behind her head!!