Saturday, February 7, 2009

Honest Things

*Choose 7 spectacular blogs that you can't live without and pass this goodie on to the them.
*Post the "chosen ones" on your blog in link form AND...
*List 10 honest things about yourself.

1. I love being a mom. is so hard. I am exhausted all the time and there is constantly something to do - laundry, feeding, dishes, laundry again, cleaning up toys, etc.

2. I am excited about my trip to Jamaica this summer. Robert is taking me for my 3oth birthday with some great friends. Kinda scared too - only other place outside of the U.S. that we have been is Playa del Carmen. That place was pretty tame. Not sure what to expect in Jamaica.

3. I did not like the fact that my family moved from Fort Worth the summer after my eighth grade year. But high school was a blast and I fell in love with Abilene. Most people think I am crazy for wanting to stay here but it is the right size for me.

4. I taught elementary school for three and a half years before becoming a mommy. I loved teaching and if, in the future, I need to start back to work I hope to teach at a private Christian school again.

5. I think that I go into a mild depression when Robert goes out of town on business. I become all tense and tight in my shoulders and this time around, I got sick. I also have to indulge myself and Lindsey. This week while he was gone, I got Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino Ice Cream for me and Lindsey got Valentine sprinkled donuts for breakfast.

6. I spend way too much time on the computer. E-mail, facebook, and blogging are so addicting though. I should really "fast" from the computer but just haven't gotten up the nerve to do it yet.

7. I hate my skin. Too sensitive, too pale, too many times when something is wrong with it.

8. I love to go white water rafting. Not the majorly huge stuff but class 3's are so much fun. I've been twice - once on my senior trip in New Mexico and once two years ago in Colorado. Everyone should try it. I highly recommend it.

9. If I had to choose another type of career for myself it would be some kind of party planning type of gig. I would love to do that kind of thing but I don't think I am assertive enough to tell people what to do. That would be one reason I haven't pursued it.

10. I am so glad to have two girls (sorry, honey!) I don't know what I would have done with a boy. I don't do bugs and cars and dinosaurs.

Okay, for the tagging part....
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Heather, Jenni, LaRae, Stephanie, Erica, April, Charis

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ApeKnitty said...

Me to on #7--#10--I never thought I could get into dinosaurs and cars but somehow it has happened! Your little girls are so precious--I enjoy reading about them and wachting them grow up!