Friday, July 23, 2010

Visiting my Parents

My parents moved to Oklahoma last July. And the week that the girls and I went with them up there just happened to be the same week as the Edmond Church of Christ's VBS. Of course I jumped at the chance for Lindsey to go each night. She LOVED it. So our summer plans this year were planned around when Edmond's VBS would be. Well, it turned out the be last week and we were there. It was great.

Blake and Lianne and their kids were on a trip to Tennessee and came back to Texas by way of Oklahoma. It was great to see them some and have all the cousins play together. It was a fun and busy week.

Reagan and I playing in the pool in my parents neighborhood. She loves the noodles.
The girls.
While we were in OK, we celebrated a few birthdays. Reagan was the only kid birthday so the cake and balloons were for her. She is loving cows right now for some reason. So we went with it. I think mom had a lot of fun planning a kid birthday again - so I let her do pretty much all of it. Here is the cake and cupcakes. Reagan loved it.
Mom lighting the candles.
Reagan did a great job blowing the candles out (well, she got the first one and then tried again but Lindsey beat her to it).
Our family
Lindsey stuffing her face.
And the remains of Reagan's cupcake.
Then the presents began. We didn't have time for all the presents for all the birthday people (mom, Lianne, Reagan and Robert) so we settled for just opening Reagan's at that time. Then we did the big people after VBS that night.

Reagan opened a gift of a nightgown and promptly went to hand it to someone else. Not real sure why because she loves it.
She was really excited to see this card - it had Pooh and Tigger on it.
We saved the big gift for last. She had a blast pulling all the paper out.
She finally got a glimpse of the gift inside.
And she was very eager to ride on it. Even with all the tags and stuff on it still.
Then later I was trying to get a picture of Reagan with her new BIG bow on. She would not stand still.
And she kept coming running right up to the camera. She was a bit too close but this one turned out really cute.
Well, that is celebration number 1. There are at least two others that will be on here shortly. Stay tuned in the next couple of days.

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