Wednesday, July 7, 2010


A few weeks ago my brother and sister-in-law brought their kids to Abilene to visit. Baby Amy had never met our granddad, her great granddad, until this visit. It was fun to see them all and to visit with them and my Papa. I only have a few pictures from the time together. Blake has the whole family pictures on his camera and I haven't seen them. Hopefully he will send me some and I will be able to post them on here too.

Here is Reagan checking on Amy. I love that Reagan is holding her leg up. It looks so funny.
I am so glad that I caught this smile on camera. They were really cute together.
Now taking a picture of Lindsey and Andrew was a little more difficult. He was having fun on the futon while Lindsey just posed sweetly.
And here he is with the blocks.
Finally a good shot of the two of them. Thanks for cooperating, Andrew!
We had a lot of fun. Even with the eight of us in our small house. It was great. And coming up will be some pictures of our trip all together to Mimi and Papa's house in Oklahoma. There are sure to be more fun opportunities to capture and tell about soon.

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