Monday, July 26, 2010

The Last of Reagan's Birthday Celebrations (kinda)

We celebrated Reagan's birthday (again) on Sunday. After church we went to eat at Pizza Inn where she promptly shoved down a piece of pizza and a good helping of mac and cheese (of course). After that we all came to our house for an ice cream party and presents. We had a lots of friends and lots of family over for the fun. Here is a quick rundown of what we did.

Last year we got a great family picture at the party and I wanted to try it again. So here is this year's shot. Turned out pretty good again. Or maybe it's just us that makes the picture that much better. :)
For some reason, Reagan decided she didn't want to be the one to blow out her candle. She wanted sister to do it this time.
And Lindsey did a great job at it.
Waiting for the presents to start. So patient.
Mr. Potato Head - so much fun!
Love her smile on this one. She loves her new necklaces.
And you can never go wrong with clothes.
A very cool (and bright) new flashlight. She loves to shine it and see where the light goes.
I'm sure we will all have fun with this new toy - just look at Daddy's face.
And I made the mistake of leaving Lindsey's gift for Reagan in our room so she got it after the very cool gift of Rody. But she does love her new pink table too.
But I'm pretty sure this was the favorite gift this time around.
And this was when she was falling off the front of Rody, right in front of me taking the pictures.
Lindsey's turn on Rody. Anybody can try it out - apparently it holds up to 300 pounds.
She did give Rody up long enough to practice some on the basketball goal.
She tried really hard to do it by herself. But she needs to grow a few more inches before she will be successful at it.
Well, that about does it for Reagan's 2nd birthday. She hasn't gotten her mom and dad gifts yet but maybe we'll do that today or tomorrow. Who knows? Probably won't blog about it though - just clothes, nothing too exciting. Thanks for reading!

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