Sunday, July 25, 2010

Reagan is 2!

Wow! Another birthday. I can't believe how fast they grow up. My baby is now 2! Here's a quick look back at Reagan on July 21st the last three years.

Our family right after Reagan's birth (Lindsey wasn't too sure about her yet).
Here is a better shot of Reagan. We were still in the hospital when this photo was taken.
Here she is on her first birthday morning (I love to get a picture when they first wake up).
And here is Reagan on her birthday this year. All smiles (well, that and messy hair)!
Closer up and with the hair out of her face. Too cute!
And since her birthday happened to fall on a Wednesday, we took cookies to church to enjoy.
Reagan had a mouthful in this picture. Lovely, huh?
I guess she was making sure it all got in there?!?
I think at this point she wanted another cookie but all that was in the box was the cookie part of Lindsey's cookie. She ate the icing off the thumbprint but not the cookie itself.
We have one more birthday celebration to come. That will be on Sunday with lots of pizza and ice cream. And lots more pictures, too.

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Karen said...

That looks like the cookie I got at the bakery across from Bogies after we met you. The thumbprint with chocolate. They were my favorite. Tried the sandtarts, raisin rocks, chocolate chip and pecan icebox and a cheese croisant.