Monday, June 15, 2009

Cleaning out the Pantry

This week, with Barbara's wedding on Saturday and family coming to stay with us, I decided to focus on two rooms/things to work on cleaning each day. Today I am working on the kitchen and table areas. The kitchen is done but while I was working in there, I decided I was tired of seeing my chips on the counter and needed a new home for them. That led me to the pantry. Great! What was I thinking? That place is a disaster area at best. Such a mess of stuff that is hard to get to when it is needed. I wanted to put a stop to that. That led me to reorganizing each shelf. I had already attacked the second shelf when I thought that I should document this momentous occasion. So here are the pictures of the before state of chaos. From top shelf to bottom shelf...

Here are the contents of shelf #2. Like I said, I had already emptied that shelf before deciding to take the pictures. But just imagine all that stuff on one shelf and you should get a pretty good idea about how horrible it was.

I still have some work to do. My mom has these great little wire shelves that I would love to get. That way the stuff at the back will still be able to be seen so that I know exactly what I have and don't have.

Here is the finished product - again from top shelf to bottom.
Meal items - veggies, mac and cheese, mixes, etc.
Snacks - I know, way too many!
Breakfast stuff - cereal and fruit bars
Baking items - flour, sugar, vanilla, etc.
What do you think? Any suggestions?


Beth said...

I have to comment on this because my pantry looks like your first picture- but probably worse. I CANNOT keep it organized, and people who look in there laugh! I just need to have a professional organizer come to my house every month or so...

Your efforts paid looks good. I hope you are more successful than me when it comes to keeping it that way!

Heather said...

I would definitely use the small shelves! I use them all the time, all over the house! Good luck!