Thursday, June 25, 2009

Barbara's Wedding (and Manny's too, I guess!)

We made it! To the wedding and most importantly, through the wedding and all the parties! It was great and we all loved every part of it. But we were so ready for it all to be over, too. I took lots of pictures so I will just post my favorites and tell a little about the day through them. Here it goes...brace yourselves!

We began the morning bright and early at the salon to get hair done. Lindsey and Brielle had stickers to occupy their waiting time. They also enjoyed going back again and again for more food.Lindsey was so excited to get her hair done like Cinderella's. I don't think she ever let go of the arms of the chair though.Her hair could have been left like this and it would have been fine with me.Lindsey with her Cinderella hair.Sweet cousins with beautiful hair (and tiaras, too).
The cute flower girls waiting for pictures to be done with. I love their shoes poking out from under their dresses.The bride with my girls - all three beautiful!Couldn't resist taking this picture.On their way to the reception at the church building.Yummy and gorgeous cakes!
Maybe a minute after we drove away from the church building, this is what I saw when I turned around. Adorable!Once we got inside, Lindsey was out once again. This time with a better pillow, daddy!Tired baby - she missed her nap during the wedding.Manny and Barbara arriving at the dinner and party.There was this great mirror at the dinner that I again couldn't resist taking pictures with.This was after the girls woke up and were both happy again. Yea for short naps!The "Chicken Dance". One of Lindsey's favorites.Trying to "teach" Reagan to do the "Chicken Dance" was interesting but funny. Not real sure she remembers how to do it now. Maybe I should put the music on and see what happens?!?The newlyweds dancing with their favorite Lindsey.Reagan and Barbara saying goodbye to each other. Reagan went home with my parents so she could have a somewhat normal night. And some quiet - have I mentioned that the room was really, really loud?Lindsey and Brielle loving every minute of it!Lindsey was admiring the dancing that our friends, Chris and Ashleigh, were doing so I asked Chris to dance with Lindsey. Here she is having a ball and giggling so hard.All that dancing is hard work. Lindsey taking a break but still joining in the fun by clapping with the music.
Lindsey helping our friends, Chandra and Doug, pick out the songs for the dancing.Dancing to "I Like to Move It, Move It". Lindsey requested it at least twice during the night. All she did for the dancing is jump around - funny to watch.Robert and Lindsey during "Kiss the Girl" from Little Mermaid. Lindsey did not want daddy to sing the words.The three of us dancing together. It was a bit awkward but it worked.Lindsey and Barbara saying goodbye to each other. Good thing we snapped this picture before the crying started.

The day after the wedding - Sunday night. We went to the hotel where Manny's family was staying and the kids got to play in the pool. We ordered pizza and said our goodbyes because the family was flying out the next morning.

Reagan with "Daddy" Manny and a nice, big cowboy hat. We would say "Big" Manny but Lindsey calls Barbara's Manny "Big" Manny because he is maybe an inch taller than his dad.Lindsey found a new friend in Manny's cousin, Cody. He was great playing with her in the pool.Reagan's first time in a pool. She loved it!After swimming, you need a snack, right? Yummy fingers!
Hope you enjoyed my short recap. It may not have seemed short to you but believe me, I was very selective of the pictures to put on here. I have about 100 others so if you ever want to see more, just ask!


Charis said...

Great post! I'm glad to see some of Barbaras wedding. I was SOO bummed not to have been there to celebrate with yall! Lindsey was such an adorable flower girl too :)

Jessica said...

Yeah! Lindsey and Barbara looked amazing!!!! Looks like you guys had a blast. I wish we could have been there.