Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

We had such a great day. Robert decided to take today off of work and we spent the whole day together as a family. How great is that? He had it all planned out and here is what we did.

(Settle in. It's a long read!)

First we went to McKay's Bakery because Lindsey keeps asking to go there for breakfast. Only she didn't like it. She wanted the pink muffin which turned out to be cherry and almond. She thought it was going to be strawberry. She also said that she didn't like the chocolate milk from there. Her loss was my gain, though, she we didn't waste anything!

Next we went to Frontier Texas! None of us had been before but many people have told us how great it is. Anyway, we went in and she was pretty unsure of the place. I guess it was the statues at the beginning that got to her. Then I started showing her some of the books that they have to buy there and she warmed up to the place. She, however, would not let go of Robert. He held her during part of the first video but then she decided it was an okay place to be. Then we walked out to the museum part and it was great. Robert and I loved looking at the exhibit but with Lindsey saying, "I'm ready to move on" we didn't really get to spend the time we wanted there. When we walked out, the lady said that we didn't get our money worth so she gave a us a refund and said that we should come back without the girls so we can enjoy it more. By the way, I tried to get a picture of Lindsey with the buffalo at the museum but she would have nothing to do with them. Later I found out that she thought that they were real. I guess I wouldn't want to be too close to real buffalo either! Haha!

After Frontier Texas! we went to The Grace Museum. Lindsey loves this place and I was finally able to take some pictures of her enjoying herself.

Such a cool art piece. You touch the different pieces of wood and it makes sounds. Robert enjoyed it too!Lindsey sat down and there was this air canon that Robert hit and it blew a lot of air right at her.She built this "castle" out of the blocks in the "Tot Spot".Reagan and Lindsey admiring the peek-a-blocks.Reagan wasn't sure what to think of this. But it was a really cute picture.Lindsey slid/fell down this little slide and knocked into the wall.This is one big, stuffed lion that they sat on. I guess kinda like Susan and Lucy in Narnia!By this time, it was only 11 am but we decided that since Lindsey didn't have much breakfast we would go eat lunch. We went to Szechuan for lunch because we knew Lindsey would eat that. And eat that she did. Almost half of our sesame chicken and rice!

After lunch, with full belly's, we drove to Mine By Design. I wish I had the camera out when Lindsey realized where we were driving to. Her face lit up so brightly. It was great to see such a big smile and silly grin. We told her to pick out what piece of pottery she wanted to paint and she chose a flying horse. Not really sure why but she has been talking about horses a lot lately. And now, with Robert's help, Lindsey has decided that we are going to get a real horse soon. Back to painting, Lindsey chose some very interesting colors for her horse. Pink, purple, and red. Oh, and some purple with speckles in it. Here are the pictures of the painting. After we pick up the horse next week, I'll try to remember to take a picture of the finished product.

This takes some serious concentration!
After all that excitement, we went back to McKay's Bakery because Lindsey saw a cupcake that she wanted. So, in went Robert and Lindsey. They came back with her cupcake, two cookies for Robert and this really yummy and cute cupcake for me. What a great way to end this long but wonderful Wednesday.

Yes, Lindsey's cupcake has a horse on top of it! Surprise, surprise!And here is mine! Actually, we came home and all took naps so I guess that was the grand finale!


Charis said...

So fun! Love your blog layout too.

Kathylou said...

It is fun to have days like that. I call those kind of days a perfect day. I know everyone had fun, but were exhausted as well.