Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Little of This and That

I have come to figure out that Reagan does not like to be alone. She doesn't even like it if you are in the same room but not right next to her. So, while doing laundry the other day, I decided to take her with me. This is how I was able to do our laundry in peace that day.And some of you may know that I have been searching and searching for an Easter basket for Reagan. Well, actually I was looking for two baskets because I have to have things match. Or at least the same thing in different colors. I went everywhere looking. I started at Michael's, then Hobby Lobby (that is where I got Lindsey's first basket), then to Target, then Wal-Mart, then finally Kohl's. All with pretty much no luck. I found some decent ones that would be okay but then next year I would want something better. I went back to Target to get some things for Reagan one day and decided to look there again. And lo and behold, I found them. Just take a look and tell me that I found the best baskets ever! I'm pretty proud of all my searching!
And for the last pictures for today. Robert loves holding his girls up with just one hand. The first time I saw him do this I almost panicked. Lindsey was the first to go up like this when she was just 6 months old. We were at ACU working with Bible Bowl and he just did it. And it scared me to death. Since then, I love watching it. I wish that I had my picture of Robert holding Lindsey up on this computer but I don't. I know I have the hard copy in our photo album but that doesn't help you guys out there. However, I have been told that Reagan looks so much like Lindsey so you can just pretend that Lindsey is in one of the pictures. The funniest part is they are wearing the same outfit when I took both Lindsey's and Reagan's picture. This outfit is one that my parents gave Lindsey when she was born and now Reagan is wearing it. How fun is that! Anyway, enjoy the pics!

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