Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's April!

Lately we have been debating on what to do with Lindsey and school this next year. We talked to Abilene Christian Schools and decided that she would visit there one day. That day was last Wednesday. She spent the morning with the Pre-K classes and then the afternoon with the Kindergarten class. When I picked her up, she couldn't stop smiling. She loved it! Then we came home and we watched a little TV. After a little while, Lindsey asked me to pause the show because she wanted to "take a little nap" she said. And then about two minutes later, this is what I saw...snores and all.
This is Lindsey hunting Easter eggs at Young Children's World. This also happened to be the day that the wind was up in the 50 mph range. So, needless to say, they hunted inside. Oh, and her class made their little bags to hunt with. Too cute! (On a side note, before it was decided to do all things inside that day, some of the teachers were telling others that their kiddos were being blown over on the playground. Funny, huh?)Here are the girls' Easter baskets at our house before being emptied by one excited little girl. I think the Easter Bunny did a great job. Lots of fun stuff!Me and Reagan at church during the Easter egg hunt there. And no, she didn't find this egg on her own!Our family Easter picture. Usually we take a picture at the hotel during LTC but just didn't get around to it this year. Oh, well!The night before Easter we let Lindsey open her gift from her Mimi and Papa. It was the book The Night Before Easter. She and Robert read it before going to bed but unfortunatly I didn't take any pictures of them. The Easter Bunny also visited at Nana and Pops house. Lindsey is admiring her kite. She keeps asking to fly it but the wind here is crazy!Lindsey with her new Wall-E Leapster game. She was so excited!And this is how excited Reagan was with Easter going on. Can't you tell she loved it?


Jenni said...

so fun!

Kathylou said...

Cute kids! Nice looking family!

Leah said...

We love ACS. Salem went to PREK there and is in K right now in Mrs. Haughts class. :)