Saturday, May 19, 2012


So I fixed up my blog background to not be winter-ish anymore.  Then I was all set to blog but now am totally floored.  I haven't blogged since January!!!!  And what I blogged then was from the beginning of December!!!!  Umm, I think I'm behind!  So, sorry to all two of you who keep up with my family through the blog.  I have failed miserably!

But take heart, my school year is over so I SHOULD have more time to blog.  But not today, as I am about to go to a friends house to watch a movie with her.  And probably not tomorrow because it's Sunday.  Maybe Monday afternoon?  I have MOPS in the morning but if I'm caught up on other things, I'll get to blogging after lunch.  Hold me to it, will ya?

Until Monday....

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