Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lindsey's 6th Birthday Party

We had Lindsey's birthday party at our house this year and had a blast. She invited the girls from her class at school and a few others who are special to her. We ended up with just seven girls which was perfect. I was really worried that my house was going to be way to small for everyone she invited but it worked out great. Here are some pictures from the party -

Lindsey listening while we sang to her.
Concentrating very hard on making her necklace.
We played some fun games - this one was "Frog, Frog, Princess" instead of "Duck, Duck, Goose". We also played "Musical Lily Pads" instead of "Musical Chairs".
She loves each of her new Build-A-Bear animals. This Enchanted Pony was from her new baby cousin, Maeleigh.
I think she was a little excited over this new Leapster game. Don't you think?
And one of the first presents to be used was her new box of toe nail paints and paintbrushes.
And what is a blog post without a new, cute picture of Reagan. She enjoyed the party too.
Mimi and Papa came into town for the birthday girls weekend. Here Lindsey opens a box of shoes. Which she shopped for and tried on earlier that day. Pretty funny!
Both the grandparents with the girls.
And of course, Mimi has to spoil both children. So Reagan got a new gift also.
And the last gift for Lindsey that night was her new hula hoop. She then took it to school the following Friday for her talent show in Music. Pretty fun.
Again I say, I just can't believe how big she is getting. She loves school, reading, and listening to music. She loves playing with her friends and visiting family. She is such a good girl and I love watching as she changes and grows in every way.


Brenna said...

Yay Blogs! lol I am going to try to keep mine up to date...but I am really bad about it! :-) I've read a lot of your past ones! Y'all are so cute!

Kathylou said...

Both of your girls are growing up a little too fast. So cute.