Monday, January 18, 2010

Here's What You Have Been Waiting For

Things have slowed down just a little bit so I thought that I would get caught up on my blogging before things get crazy busy again. Seems like the last pictures I posted were from Christmas Eve so Christmas morning seems like the next place to go.

Lindsey was excited to see the note that Santa left for her and Reagan. She wanted to read it before even looking at the presents and stockings.
Reagan was a bit more interested in the Santa head left over from Santa. He also left cookie crumbs. I love her face in the picture. She is thinking, "Do I get the leftovers?"
Reagan's gift from Santa - one of those bead roller coasters. She loves it.
Lindsey's gift from Santa was pink luggage - but with a surprise Tiana doll inside.
She was also very excited to get the nail polish that she asked for.
In Reagan's stocking were new sippy cups. She likes them. Can you tell?
Reagan's gift from Lindsey was a Magna Doodle. She plays with it just about every time we are in the car.
Lindsey also loved her new jewelry box from Reagan. She had a lot of fun filling up the drawers with her jewelry. And then switching it all up again.
Reagan got pajamas from us. Doesn't she look happy? Maybe she isn't the pajama fan that her sister and I are.
Lindsey was pretty excited about her new movie, too. She got Night at the Museum - Battle of the Smithsonian.
And the mess. Why is it that anything fun makes big messes that aren't so much fun to clean up?
I'll try and get some more pictures uploaded later. Either today or tomorrow. I've got lots to do.

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