Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blasingame Christmas 2009

Our Christmas was (and is usually) spread out over about a week. I love doing it that way. It is more relaxed. The girls enjoy the time with each family. And basically, I love Christmas. Well, the day after Christmas, this year, was spent with the Blasingame's. We were planning on leaving to go to Louisiana that day also so everyone came to our house for presents and breakfast. It turned out great.

Reagan and her new big-girl backpack she takes to school. She loves to carry it all by herself.
Robert a little worried with his gift from me and Barbara. Always funny because he forgets year to year that we do this each Christmas.
Manny enjoying his gift from us - the ear warmers (apparently it gets really cold up in Boston!) And Arthemon enjoying trying out our new video camera from Robert's work.
Lindsey LOVES her new Sleeping Beauty vanity. Barbara and Manny stayed up Thanksgiving Night to go to ToysRUs to get it on Black Friday. Crazy people! But Lindsey is so grateful.
Before we jumped in the cars to head to Louisiana, we had to take a picture of the great snowman Robert and Lindsey made. And yes, his eyes are Reese' Peanut Butter Cups. His mouth is made of Hershey Kisses. And his nose is not a carrot. Haha - it's what we had. :)We had a great, long day. The girls were good in the car which made me extremely happy. It's great to get new toys and books and then quickly get in the car with them all. Lots of new things to discover. I recommend it to all those out there with little ones.

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