Friday, December 18, 2009

Our December Thus Far

With Christmas coming up, I figured I needed to get some of my blogging caught up. These are just some pictures that I have taken over the past couple of weeks.

We had a wear red day at school and at the last Dittos for Kiddos, I found these great matching shirts. One of them was even brand new. I love Dittos. And I love my kiddos (I couldn't resist - sorry!)
Reagan just wouldn't stand still any longer. I don't get it - I mean she is all of 16 months in this picture - doesn't she understand the concept of Mommy wants a picture of her girls together?
And yes, it does snow in Abilene, occasionally. This is what was left around 8:30ish in the morning. I kept trying to wait until Reagan woke up to go outside but she slept LATE that day. So, no pictures of Reagan in this snow. Only Lindsey this time around.
And, yes, this is all that Lindsey did with the snow. For some reason she does not like getting into it all. Just a poke with one finger is all I got to take a picture of.
Reagan was on the couch with all of her clean laundry and decided that she needed a few of her blankets. Just love the look on her face saying, "Haha, mom, I got them!"
This was the day that we went to get Lindsey's hair cut. She kept saying that she wanted five inches cut off because she is five.
The before shots - front.
The after shots - front. (Love her face and smile too.)
Back - and yes, it is really straight across it just doesn't appear to be in the picture.
Lindsey and her gingerbread house. We don't have finished pictures yet - it's a work in progress.
One day after school, Lindsey was reading her Corduroy Christmas book and Reagan wanted to see too. Cute moment caught on film to cherish forever.
Each year, we have a night before Christmas when we join our friends, John and LaRae and their kids for dinner and gifts (just the kiddos). This year, Lindsey got Don't Break the Ice as her gift. Both our girls love playing it. Lindsey understands the concept a bit more but Reagan is learning to take turns a little.
Now, don't worry, just because I am posting three days before Christmas doesn't mean that there won't be more postings of our family and the holidays. Just not sure when they will come. I am positive, though, that it won't be before Christmas. So with that said - I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas spending time with family and friends and remembering the true reason for the season. We have a wonderful God who provides for us daily and we need to always remember that, not only at this time of year. Love you all!

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