Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Christmas Eve!

Well, I have a few minutes and wanted to add a few more thoughts and pictures to the blog.

First of all, yes, we do have a tree and it does finally have ornaments and a star on top. We had the tree up for about a week before putting anything on it. But now it is all done.
Here is the "putting the star on top with Daddy's help" picture from this year.
Last year's picture.And 2007. I love that Lindsey is wearing her crown.This morning we had a surprise when we woke up. Reagan missed out on the snow earlier this month so I wanted to be sure and get her outside this time. Looks like she is enjoying it, huh?
This video is taken with our new toy. We got a Flip Video Camera from Robert's work Christmas party. We haven't used it much so sorry it is shaky, especially at the end. I was trying to do both video and our still camera at the same time. Didn't work too well.

I like how you can hear Robert talk to Reagan and see her shake her head yes and no.

Reagan looked a bit happier once she got inside.
We have already had a fun break from the daily routine. And are looking forward to spending lots time with our extended families coming up. Hope you all are staying warm and dry. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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