Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Robert's New Project

Robert did such a great job on our playroom that we thought he should do some more handiwork around the house. The windowsill in the nursery needed some help. Apparently, when the house was built and window put in, it was not sealed properly. I had noticed that there was water on the windowsill after a rain. Then after a while, it kinda bubbled up. Well, we didn't do anything about it. Then Lindsey came along and had a real hard time with a stuffy, runny nose when she was little. Fast forward to Reagan. She had slept in our room since coming home from the hospital and then we decided to put her in the nursery. Well, the first night we put her in there, major problems with her nose started. I know all of you are saying, "Duh! The windowsill is nasty and is causing all kinds of problems." We know that now.

Robert ripped up the sill and looked under it. Gross! All black and disgusting! So here is a picture of what it looks like now. He still has a ways to go and keeps telling me that he doesn't really know what he is doing. Just playing it by ear. I guess we will see how long it takes to fix this problem. But for the meantime - Reagan is staying in our room (we're not that dumb!)

But on the bright side, I was able to frame the pictures of Robert and I with Reagan. At least that part of the nursery looks good!

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alival said...

The pictures were so great! I keep meaning to send you a note to tell you that, so here you go. Sorry it took so long! I'll be in Abilene the week of Thanksgiving. Let's get together, please?!? Love you! Alisha