Saturday, November 22, 2008

Reagan is Four Months Old

Reagan turned four months old yesterday so here are the the new pictures. First is her wide-eyed look.
Now, the only picture we could get of Reagan smiling. Too bad her eyes aren't open all the way. I guess that would be asking too much!And of course, we need a picture of Lindsey on here today too. But I guess we don't take too many pictures of Lindsey by herself anymore. I'll have to get better at that. At least Lindsey likes taking pictures with her sister. Doesn't she look proud? This is a picture of the girls in Reagan's new hangout spot. She seems to like it (at least for a little while).

I know, I know. Reagan is looking a little slumped over. But she is getting better at sitting upright. Don't ya think?


Heather said...

I see a lot of Grandmommy in Reagan in the first two pictures. I sure wish she was here!

Leah said...

They are cute!!!