Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lindsey's Four!

So today was going to be a great day. Fun breakfast, Lindsey at school while I did things around the house, then after school more fun, and then dinner out tonight to celebrate Lindsey's birthday. Well, that didn't happen. At least, not as of right now. First of all, Lindsey woke up so excited. She was so ready to be four. Then it happened. Her tummy started to hurt. No fever though. She whined and cried but she still wanted to go to school. So we pack up everything, get Reagan in the car seat and head off to school. When we got there, she didn't want to go in. But, being the loving mom that I am, I made her. One of her teachers came out into the hallway to get her because she wouldn't walk in on her own with me there. Well, I was driving home and got a call to come and get her because she had just thrown up. What fun! So, an hour later we are all home and she is laying on the couch watching Prince of Egypt while I type. Maybe we will still be able to have a good dinner tonight for her birthday. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

One thing I am trying to do on birthdays is get a picture of the girls right when they wake up. It was much easier when Lindsey was still in her crib. I could just go in there and take a pic when she called for me. Now I have to take the picture wherever she might be when I get the camera.
Here is the picture of Lindsey the morning of her first birthday. Love the blankie!

Lindsey on her third birthday just after waking up.

Lindsey this morning, her 4th!

We have the other two years also but we can't seem to find them on the computer right now. I know we have hard copies in our photo albums at home but the digitals are hiding for some reason. I will put them up if we can find them.

My wonderful mom sent me the picture of Lindsey on her first birthday when she was in her crib. Thanks, mom! Still looking for birthday #2!

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