Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lindsey's birthday

I have been trying to post all this since the day after Lindsey's birthday party. The computer wouldn't let me do pictures then. So, over a week later, here it goes...

We had a fun and busy week and weekend celebrating Lindsey's birthday. Too much to tell so I will just post pictures - beware there are lots!
Enjoying the milkshake she just had to order at Red Robin!

We had the waiters all come and sing to her - she didn't like it but did like the sprinkles on the sundae.

This is Lindsey happy to get a new computer game.

Lindsey didn't really want to be the center of attention (believe it or not) so Robert blew out the candles. I love Lindsey's face here though.

So the pinata started out up in the tree but soon was knocked down. What do you do when that happens? Look below...

Robert and our good friend, LaRae, had so much fun doing this!

The kids grabbing the loot. They were really picky (I had not seen that before with a pinata)

Reagan wasn't too impressed with all that was going on at the party. She spent most of the time like this!

Posing with the cupcakes Mimi made for her.

She loved the fact that this card had the number four on it.

She got her number four angel - which used to be mine. I loved those angels! Looks like she likes them too.

With Papa, Mimi, and cousin Andrew looking over a few gifts while G-Papa, Daddy, and Reagan look on.

Lindsey's cousin, Brielle, wasn't able to come but sent a gift to our house. She was so excited to get it.

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