Monday, July 28, 2008

Pictures, Finally!

Well, I will start with the pictures of our newest addition - even newer than the playroom. Here is Reagan Dai...born Monday, July 21 at 9:26 am.
And here is big sister, Lindsey, holding Reagan in the hospital.

I can't believe she is here. I just posted about moving the toys into the playroom the night before she was born. We had planned to induce on the 5th of August (that gave me two more weeks to get things ready). But Reagan apparently had a plan of her own. We are so happy that she has joined our family and that she is happy and healthy.

Now for some pictures of the finished playroom and mess that went in there.

I thought that I had pictures of the new room with everything in it but I guess I don't. Something about being in the hospital for a few days last week has prevented that from happening. I will try to add those new pictures soon.


Schreiner Family said...

Congratulations! Reagan is beautiful!

Jenni said...

glad Lindsey got over Reagan having "cooties" !! she is beautiful.