Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Finished Room and the Mess to Go In It

Well, we are now finished with the playroom. We have had everything installed and inspected. The carpet is down and the fan is up. The touch-ups of paint were done on Wednesday night. We are so excited. I would love for you all to see it but for some reason the computer is not letting me post pictures right now. I have pictures of the finished room and the way too many toys in the living room. I will try to post them sometime soon, if the computer cooperates.

On Saturday, Robert and I had the chance to go through all of Lindsey's toys and sort them into piles. There was the pile to keep, the pile to give away or sale, and the trash (Robert's favorite pile!) Of course, Lindsey was not here for the initial throw away. But she did help once she came home and we got rid of even more toys and junk. Then Saturday night, we were able to move things out to the playroom. I was thrilled to get the mess out of the middle of the house and into its new home. I'm sure things will move again before they find their final resting spot but it is wonderful to see the changes. We still need a good bookshelf for all of the books we have accumulated, so if anyone knows of a great deal, let us know.

Now, Robert's job is to get up in the wonderfully cool attic and bring down the rest of the baby stuff (preferably before baby arrives). I'm sure he will jump for joy at that thought!


Jenni said...

Lauren - so glad you were able to get it all done before little Reagan made her appearance today! Can't wait to meet her!

Heather said...

Reagan is beautiful. We'll have to get together more often so I can remember what Emily was like six weeks ago!