Monday, May 25, 2015

I'm Back - I Think!

If you are out there wondering what's been going on in our lives, sorry!  It's been over 2 1/2 years since I posted last.  I can't believe it.  But now, I've got a great friend who is beginning to blog so I've been showing her what I know about it (which isn't too much).  But looking at it all makes me eager to start up again.  And if you are still hanging around waiting for me to post, hopefully I can keep your interest up and post more often.

My profile for the longest time said that I had two daughter that were at the ages 8 and 4 1/2.  Well, they have grown just a bit.  Now Lindsey is 10 and Reagan will be 7 later this summer.

Here they are on the last day of school, this past Friday. Precious, I know!

We have a busy summer ahead with many trips, soccer tournaments, and camps.  I will try my best to keep you up with our lives.  I know you're very anxious to see what is to come.  And just maybe you'll be lucky enough for some Wordless Wednesday's when I can catch you up on some of our past activities. 

But for now, this is all I've got! Hope it's enough to keep you coming back for more.

And for those of you whose blogs I follow, look over to the right and see how long ago it has been since you posted something new.  Join me in blogging again.  Let's do this together.

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