Friday, April 15, 2011

Our Cowboy Days

Last week at YCW and ACS, we had cowboy week. You saw the pictures of Reagan on the horse. That was on Tuesday and then on Thursday we had our "Cowboy Round-Up". Basically it is a day to dress up and play fun cowboy-type games (roping the cactus, milking the cow, branding the cow, throwing cow patties, etc.) We had a lot of fun and Reagan loved wearing her overalls and cowboy hat to school.

Oh, and she had pig tails too!

Lindsey got in on the fun of trying to take a picture with Reagan being still. Rarely happens.

The next day was Lindsey's "Cowboy Campout" for the kindergarten and 5th grade. They got to wear their pajamas and do their fun cowboy stuff (making bandanas, eating s'mores, etc.) And she got to wear the fabulous (although beat up) cowboy hat.

Not to worry - I have lots more to catch you up on. It just takes time with my life these days. Hopefully another post will come soon.

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