Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas Eve

I hope that everyone is enjoying their Christmas break. I know that we are. Lots has been going on so here is a recap of the last few weeks around our house.

Robert took me (and Reagan, too) to San Antonio for our eight year anniversary. We did all the regular stuff - dinner on the river, walk down the length of the river, visit the Alamo both during the night and the day. It was a wonderful, relaxing but short trip. We had fun and enjoyed being together. I can't believe it has already been eight years. How great is that!

Beautiful lights all down the Riverwalk.
Reagan's first trip to San Antonio had to be documented. Too bad she slept through most of it!
The Alamo was so pretty set behind all these lights.
It was weird to see the Alamo without much commotion around. We actually got a picture with no one in it but this was the best shot.
Of course, we had to take our own picture in front.

After we got home from San Antonio, we celebrated Christmas with my family at my parents house. Here are just some of the many pictures taken.
G-Papa with Reagan
This was Reagan's first encounter with the exer-saucer. I think she liked it.
Love this picture of Lindsey!
My Christmas was a blur. Too much activity right in front of me!
Reagan actually pulled a little on this package. I was so excited that I told Robert to take a picture.
Reagan got this cute cuddly horse/blanket from my mom's cousins, Lee and Stephanie. So soft!
Either Reagan was bored or tired out from all the excitement. She fell asleep while we were opening presents.
G-Papa was very excited to get this calendar that his grandchildren made for him. It has pictures of all his great-grandchildren in it. He loved it!
Andrew thought that the present Robert was opening was a slide. He went down it about ten or so times. We all laughed at his excitement.


Karen said...

You have me curious. What was in the package Andrew was sliding down?

Uncle Howard looks really great and to be enjoying everything. I love the pictures.

Lauren said...

Robert and I added on to our house, a little playroom, and were needing blinds for the windows. So we got two packages that were our blinds. That is one that Andrew thought would be fun to slide down.

Papa is doing good. He has a lot of fun watching the kids play. They keep him pretty entertained.